A divorce can be one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life.  Paul Houser, Jr has been handling marriage dissolution actions for over 30 years.  In a marriage dissolution, as well as other family law matters, experience makes a big difference.


Paul Houser, Jr. has experience with all kinds of dissolution issues from uncontested dissolutions without children to contested dissolutions in which all issues are contested including who should be the primary residential parent for minor children.  He is a skilled advocate who will honestly and fairly protect your rights with tenacity and common sense.  Contested dissolution actions are handled on an hourly basis of $200 per hour.  The amount of attorneys fees varies depending upon the amount of work required, including court hearings and trial.  Uncontested dissolution actions are usually handled on a flat fee basis.

Most cases are settled without trial, but if a trial is necessary Paul Houser, Jr. has extensive, successful, trial experience in all types of family law cases including cases in which primary residential care or custody is disputed, amount and duration of maintenance contested following a long-term marriage, contested division of property and liabilities in a long-term marriage, and modification of a parenting plan to modify the primary residential parent.

For initial consultations the 1st fifteen minutes is free, or a discount of 25% of the hourly rate for the initial conference, whichever is greater.