Renton Washington Personal Injury Lawyers

Paul (Bud) Houser, Jr. has been representing clients on personal injury claims for 30 years.  Mr. Houser will  handle your claim along with the help of an experienced team of personal injury professionals including paralegals, legal assistants and medical legal consultants.  Victims of injuries get the attention that their case deserves with an experienced personal injury law firm.
When you call our office, you will speak directly to Mr. Houser, or if he is not available he will return your call on the same day.
You should never attempt to settle your claim until your doctor has released you or is able to give a meaningful opinion as to your future condition. In the event we are unable to resolve your claim with the insurance company to your satisfaction, the option of starting a lawsuit will be discussed. The ultimate choice of a lawsuit is solely yours. More than 90 percent of the injury claims handled by the Law Offices of Paul Houser, Jr. are resolved without a lawsuit.

The Law Offices of Paul W. Houser, Jr. handle a variety of personal injury cases in the Washington area.

Personal Injury Matters the Firm Handle Include:
Washington Locations Served

–   Auburn, Washington
–   Bellevue, Washington
–   Covington, Washington
–   Des Moines, Washington
–   Factoria, Washington
–   Kent, Washington
–   New Castle, Washington
–   Renton, Washington
–   Seattle, Washington
–   Tacoma, Washington

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