Many people are confused about probates. A probate is a judicial proceeding which is commenced to either carry out the terms of a decedent’s will or if there is no will to distribute property according to law, which is called an administration. A probate is basically a proceeding for court to confirm that the person named in a will, or an administrator without a will, is authorized to take control and administer the assets which are subject probate.

There are many assets that are not subject to a probate. In a significant number of cases there are ways to transfer assets without having to file a probate, and incur unnecessary expenses. When a probate is required, it can be a simple and straightforward proceeding. A will can be admitted to probate quickly. A simple probate can be opened and closed within 5 months. A complex probate can take longer depending upon type of property involved and whether a federal estate tax return needs to be filed.

A qualified probate attorney can help simplify the process for you. In Washington, the statute for intestate succession, which applies when a person who dies without a valid will, is very specific. There are only minor differences in commencing a probate with a will or without a will.

Paul Houser, Jr. has over 30 years of experience in handling probates. This includes all aspects of a probate or administration, from probates which are agreed upon and are straightforward, to probates which are contested with complex assets.

Probates are handled on an hourly basis, with a minimum charge of $1250 plus expenses for simple probates. An initial consultation is offered at a discounted rate to answer any initial questions regarding a probate.